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Contact Lens Service at VisualEyes

Jerry Knoch

Jerry Knoch and our eye care staff at VISUALEYES specialize in contact lenses, and are nationally recognized for our expertise.

Jerry is often able to successfully fit contact lenses in patients who have been told they cannot wear contacts. He has experience fitting all types of contact lenses, including daily disposable, toric, bifocal, rigid gas permeable, hybrid and tinted contact lenses.

At Visualeyes, you can be fitted for all type of lenses. Our contact lenses are famous for their comfort and breathability.

We pride ourselves in our contact lens specialist's ability to guide you in the right direction!

Wearing Contact Lenses is Easier Than Ever!

  • Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting
  • Medically Necessary Contact Lenses
    Specialized contact lenses for patients who do not achieve normal vision with glasses.