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Specialty Eyewear

If you enjoy multiple hobbies, participate in sports, or are prone to spending long hours on a computer, chances are, at some point, your eyes have become strained or fatigued. Why is this happening? The “one size fits all” approach doesn’t work when it comes to eyewear, and your eyes are having trouble focusing for the task, even if you wear prescription lenses.

But there is good news! Specialty eyewear is specifically designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. And, in addition to being activity-specific for computer users or sports enthusiasts, these specialty lenses also help you see better and can help keep your eyes safe!


Computer eyewear is designed to help you focus at the “intermediate” distance, or the distance between you and your computer screen. This is generally a little farther away than “near” distance, so your prescription may be slightly altered. These lenses are also tinted to help block harsh blue light and to reduce glare for increased eye comfort.


If your work or hobbies include close-up tasks like soldering or needlepoint, specialty eyewear increases your prescription strength so you have clear vision even at a short distance. Resist the temptation to buy drugstore reading glasses, which have the same prescription in each lens. If you plan on focusing at very close distances for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to invest in specialty eyewear that accommodates you and keeps your eyes sharp and focused.


Certain pairs of specialty eyewear are designed specifically for sports-related activities. In fact, certain sunglasses are customized for the particular sport itself to optimize your vision no matter the location or situation. These glasses enhance performance by increasing visual acuity and color contrast, while keeping your eyes safe with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.


Specialty eyewear for driving can either be polarized sunwear or prescription eyeglasses with an anti-reflective lens treatment. Both options are designed to help reduce glare caused by reflected sun during the day or oncoming car headlights at night, allowing more beneficial light to pass through to your eyes for optimal visual acuity in any high- or low-light situation.


Additional specialty eyewear options include safety goggles or shooting glasses. This eyewear is always designed with high impact-resistant material and provides more coverage than your normal glasses. Wrap-around designs and top and side shields are also available for additional eye protection. Shooting glasses can be made with special spring hinges for increased durability, too.